Our Process

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Our Process

A Clear Path From Design to Construction Completion

A design is the first step in creating the outdoor space of your dreams

Harmoniously combining the natural landscape, with planning and design to create an unforgettable outdoor living space.

Professional Landscape Services, Inc. can design and create the outdoor living space of your dreams.  Whether it’s a simple paver or stone walkway, some landscape lighting to highlight your home or a complete outdoor oasis with a pool, pavilion, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, putting green, bocce ball court and pond, our dedicated team of creators can bring your dream to life.

The process of designing a creative landscape project is about conversation, information, imagination, education and confirmation. Whether it’s an entire property master plan or a simple sketch plan, the process is essentially the same.  We break the process down into phases.

Phase one focuses on our clients expressing what they want or need and us listening, asking questions and understanding the objectives and budget parameters of the project.

The second phase is usually an initial site visit to review site details and is centered on us as the  designer or landscape architect studying, learning and documenting the features and condition of your property and how that applies to design objectives and potential implementation of the project.

Phase three involves the formulation of a creative, workable plan based on the site analysis and design objectives.  In some cases a conceptual plan may be produced and reviewed for preliminary approval prior to producing final plans.  Installation budgets or proposals may also be prepared in this phase.  

The fourth and final phase is meeting to effectively convey the concepts and details of the plans to our clients.  We answer any questions and educate about the ideas and solutions.  We want to confirm that we have provided the expected design and budget results and discuss how to proceed with installation of the project.